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Friday, January 22, 2010

Microsoft Urges Laws to Boost Trust in the Cloud

Microsoft is so concerned about the future of cloud computing thatit's urging the government to step in. In a speech Wednesday[2010-01-20], Microsoft general counsel and senior vice presidentBrad Smith called on government and business to shore up confidencein cloud computing by tackling issues of privacy and security -- twomajor concerns that have been voiced about the cloud...
A Microsoft survey found that 58 percent of the public and 86 percentof business leaders are excited about the possibilities of cloudcomputing. But more than 90 percent of them are worried about security,availability, and privacy of their data as it rests in the cloud.Microsoft said it also found that most of the people surveyed believethe U.S. should set up laws and policies to govern cloud computing...
During his speech, Smith proposed that Washington create a CloudComputing Advancement Act that would protect consumers and give thegovernment tools to handle issues such as data privacy and security.He added that an international dialogue is crucial in addressing datasecurity so that information is protected no matter where it resides.In proposing legislation, Microsoft is looking to the government toenact specific measures, including to: (1) Beef up the ElectronicCommunications Privacy Act to more clearly define and protect theprivacy of consumers and businesses; (2) Update the Computer Fraud andAbuse Act so that law enforcement has the resources it needs to combathackers; (3) Establish truth-in-cloud-computing principles so thatconsumers and businesses know how their information will be accessedand secured; (4) Set up a framework so that differences in regulationson cloud computing among various countries can be better clarifiedand reconciled... More Info

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