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Friday, January 22, 2010

OASIS Public Review Draft for Production Planning and Scheduling (PPS)

Members of the OASIS Production Planning and Scheduling (PPS) TechnicalCommittee have released an approved set of PPS specifications forpublic review through March 12, 2010. This TC was chartered in 2003to "develop common object models and corresponding XML schemas forproduction planning and scheduling software, which can communicate witheach other in order to establish collaborative planning and schedulingon intra and/or inter enterprises in manufacturing industries."
"OASIS PPS (Production Planning and Scheduling) specifications deal withproblems of decision-making in all manufacturing companies who want tohave a sophisticated information system for production planning andscheduling. PPS specifications provide XML schema and communicationprotocols for information exchange among manufacturing applicationprograms in the web-services environment...
"PPS (Production Planning and Scheduling) Part 1: Core Elements, Version1.0" focuses on an information model of core elements which can be usedas ontology in the production planning and scheduling domain. Since theelements have been designed without particular contexts in planning andscheduling, they can be used in any specific type of messages as abuilding block depending on the context of application programs.
"PPS (Production Planning and Scheduling) Part 2: Transaction Messages,Version 1.0" focuses on transaction messages that represent domaininformation sending or receiving by application programs in accordancewith the context of the communication, as well as transaction rules forcontexts such as pushing and pulling of the information required..."PPS (Production Planning and Scheduling) Part 3: Profile Specifications,Version 1.0" focuses on profiles of application programs that may exchangethe messages. Application profile and implementation profile are defined.Implementation profile shows capability of application programs in termsof services for message exchange, selecting from all exchange itemsdefined in the application profile. The profile can be used fordefinition of a minimum level of implementation of application programswho are involved in a community of data exchange..." More Info

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