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Friday, August 13, 2010

Building an AtomPub Server Using WCF Data Services

OData ( builds on the HTTP-based goodness of Atom for
publishing data; AtomPub for creating, updating and deleting data;
and the Microsoft Entity Data Model (EDM) for defining the types of

If you have a JavaScript client, you can get the data back directly in
JSON instead of Atom format, and if you've got something else --
including Excel, the .Microsoft NET Framework, PHP, AJAX and more --
there are client libraries for forming OData requests and consuming
OData responses.

If you're using the .NET Framework on the server side, Microsoft also
provides an easy-to-use library called WCF Data Services for exposing
.NET Framework types or databases supported by the Microsoft Entity
Framework as OData sources. This makes it easy to expose your data
over the Internet in an HTTP- and standards-based way.

[However] there are some things that you might like to do with OData
that aren't quite part of the out-of-box experience, such as integrating
OData with existing Atom- and AtomPub-based readers and writers..." More Info

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