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Friday, August 13, 2010

IETF Approves Symmetric Key Package Content Type Specification

The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) has announced approval
of the "Symmetric Key Package Content Type" Specification as an IETF
Proposed Standard. Hannes Tschofenig is the document shepherd for this
document, and Tim Polk is the IETF Responsible Area Director. The
specification was produced by members of the IETF Provisioning of
Symmetric Keys (KEYPROV) Working Group.

"This document provides the ASN.1 variant of the Portable Symmetric Key
Container (PSKC), which is defined using XML in the I-D 'Portable
Symmetric Key Container (PSKC)' The symmetric key container defines a
transport independent mechanism for one or more symmetric keys as well
as any associated attributes. The container by itself is insecure; it
can be secured using either the Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning
Protocol (DSKPP) or a CMS protecting content types, per RFC 5652. In
addition to the key container, this document also defines ASN.1 version
of the XML elements and attributes defined in PSKC.

Working Group Summary: The WG agreed that this container would be the
optional container, but there was a contingent (both in the WG and in
the IEEE) that wanted the ASN.1 container. The format for the container
has been stable since version -02. The ASN.1 converted XML elements
and attributes were added in the last version to ensure alignment with

Document Quality: The text of this document is derived from the XML
elements and attributes defined in draft-ietf-keyprov-pskc. As such,
this document represents the ASN.1 based version of the XML-based
counterpart. More Info See also the IETF Provisioning of Symmetric Keys (KEYPROV) Working Group:

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