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Friday, August 13, 2010

Computing Cloud Seen as Answer for Consolidated Audit Trail

"FTEN, a supplier of risk management software to bulge bracket firms on
Wall Street has proposed that the Securities and Exchange Commission
rely on real-time data stored in a nationwide cloud of computing power
and networks to create an effective audit trail of stock market activity.

FTEN provides risk management, routing, surveillance, compliance and
market data services to market participants. The firm proposed in a
letter to the SEC look to already deployed and commercially available
systems that capture order and execution data in real-time from stock
exchanges, electronic communication networks, alternative trading systems
and dark pools to start creating the trail.

The data from all markets then could be mapped back to a unified
format that would create a normalized set of data that regulators
could review in real time for signs of market disruptions or abuse...

Ted Myerson, FTEN CEO said FTEN's commercially deployed At-Trade secure
data cloud already aggregages data from 50 sources, with a wide variety
of symbol directories, unifies it into a common format and feeds it back
to private firms... FTEN says it provides real-time risk management and
surveillance on as many as 17 billion shares of stock a day in the
United States. That, it says, equates to risk calculations involving
$150 billion worth of shares a day... FTEN did not put a price tag on
what it would take the securities industry to build out a consolidated
audit trail system based on its At-Trade cloud of compute power and
online data..." More Info

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