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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Elastic Provisioning in the Cloud: Terracotta and Eucalyptus Integration

"Terracotta recently announced a partnership with open source privatecloud platform vendor Eucalyptus that allows the companies to provisionprivate clouds on the Amazon AWS-compatible Eucalyptus cloud platformand take advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud.
Eucalyptus is compatible with the Amazon AWS public cloud infrastructureand its design gives users the option of moving applications fromon-premise Eucalyptus clouds to public clouds, and vice versa. It alsosupports 'hybrid' clouds allowing a composite of private (generally usedto store private data) and public (provided by cloud service providersto offer customers the ability to deploy and consume services) cloudresources together to get the benefits of both deployment models. Byaddressing the data layer and to provision elastic cloud resourceswithin internal infrastructure, Eucalyptus and Terracotta integrationgives the organizations a way to build private clouds using commodityhardware and the virtualization technology."
Excerpts from comments of Ari Zilka (Terracotta) and Rich Wolsk(Eucalyptus): "We have both seen the need for the combined feature setwe offer in a number of customer engagements, so working together madea lot of sense. Eucalyptus provides the provisioning and managementframework for building and operating private clouds, and Terracottaensures application data can elastically scale to meet the demands ofthis dynamically configured compute tier. The products are verycomplementary...
Developers using Eucalyptus as a cloud platform can immediately use theTerracotta scaling and caching frameworks to quickly build scalableweb sites and Java applications, and deploy those applications to eitherEucalyptus or to Amazon AWS. Developers already using Terracotta inAmazon's cloud can bring those applications and sites into aEucalyptus-managed an on-premise cloud within their own data center..."

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