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Sunday, March 14, 2010

OASIS Blue Member Section: Open Standards for Smart Energy Grids

OASIS has announced the formation of a new Member Section, OASIS Blue,which will bring together a variety of open standards projects relatedto energy, intelligent buildings, and natural resources. OASIS Blue willleverage the innovation of existing electronic commerce standards andthe power of the Internet to achieve meaningful sustainability. Aninternational effort, OASIS Blue incorporates work that has identifiedas a central deliverable for the U.S. government's strategic Smart Gridinitiative. OASIS Blue welcomes suggestions for forming new Committeesrelated to its mission.
The collaboration incoudes IBM, Constellation NewEnergy, CPower, EnerNOC,Grid Net, HP, NeuStar, TIBCO, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. NationalInstitute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and others.
Several Technical Committees will coordinate efforts under OASIS Blue.The Energy Interoperation Technical Committee defines standards for thecollaborative and transactive use of energy within demand response anddistributed energy resources. The Energy Market Information Exchange(eMIX) Technical Committee works on exchanging pricing information andproduct definitions in energy markets. The Open Building InformationExchange (oBIX) Technical Committee enables mechanical and electricalcontrol systems in buildings to communicate with enterprise applications.Members of the oBIX TC plan to use the WS-Calendar specification tocoordinate control system performance expectations with enterprise andsmart grid activities.
David Chassin of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, chair of theOASIS Blue Steering Committee: "OASIS Blue provides a safe, neutralenvironment where stakeholders can cooperate to define clear taxonomiesand information-sharing protocols that will be recognized by theinternational standards community." Other OASIS Blue Steering Committeemembers include Steven Bushby of NIST, Bob Dolin of Echelon, Rik Drummondof the Drummond Group, Girish Ghatikar of Lawrence Berkeley NationalLaboratory, Francois Jammes of Schneider Electric, Arnaud Martens ofBelgian SPF Finances, Dana K. "Deke" Smith of buildingSMART alliance,and Jane L. Snowdon, Ph.D., of IBM.

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