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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now IBM's Getting Serious About Public IaaS

James Staten, Forrester Blog

"IBM has been talking a good cloud game for the last year or so. Theyhave clearly demonstrated that they understand what cloud computingis, what customers want from it and have put forth a variety of offeringsand engagements to help customers head down this path -- mostly throughinternal cloud and strategic rightsourcing options.
But its public cloud efforts, outside of application hosting have beena bit of wait and see. Well the company is clearly getting its acttogether in the public cloud space with today's announcement of theSmart Business Development and Test Cloud, a credible public Infrastructureas a Service (IaaS) offering. This new service is an extension of itsdeveloperWorks platform and gives its users a virtual environment throughwhich they can assemble, integrate and validate new applications. Pricingon the service is as you would expect from an IaaS offering, and freefor a limited time...
Certainly any IaaS can be used for test and development purposes so IBMisn't breaking new ground here. But its off to a solid start with statedsupport from test and dev specialist partners SOASTA, VMLogix, AppFirstand Trinity Software bring their tools to the IBM test cloud..." also Jeffrey Schwartz in GCN:

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