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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Integrating Composite Applications on the Cloud Using SCA

"Elastic computing has made it possible for organizations to use cloudcomputing and a minimum of computing resources to build and deploy anew generation of applications. Using the capabilities provided bythe cloud, enterprises can quickly create hybrid composite applicationson the cloud using the best practices of service-component architectures(SCA).
Since SCA promotes all the best practices used in service-orientedarchitectures (SOA), building composite applications using SCA is oneof the best guidelines for creating cloud-based composite applications.Applications created using several different runtimes running on thecloud can be leveraged to create a new component , as well as hybridcomposite applications which scale on-demand with private/public cloudmodels can also be built using secure transport data channels.
In this article, we show how to build and integrate composite applicationsusing Apache Tuscany, the Eucalyptus open source cloud framework, andOpenVPN to create a hybrid composite application. To show that distributedapplications comprising of composite modules (distributed across thecloud and enterprise infrastructure) can be integrated and function asa single unit using SCA without compromising on security, we create acomposite application that components spread over different domainsdistributed across the cloud and the enterprise infrastructure. We thenuse SCA to host and integrate this composite application so that itfulfills the necessary functional requirements. To ensure informationand data security, we set up a virtual private network (VPN) betweenthe different domains (cloud and enterprise), creating a point-to-pointencrypted network which provides secure information exchange betweenthe two environments...
This project illustrates that distributed applications comprising ofcomposite modules (distributed across the cloud and EnterpriseInfrastructure) can be integrated and made to function as a single unitusing Service Component Architecture (SCA) without compromising onsecurity..."

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