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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Open Source of ebMS V3 Message Handler and AS4 Profile on Sourceforge

Holodeck is an open source version of ebXML Messaging Version 3 andits AS4 profile is now available on Sourceforge with onlinedocumentation. The ebXML Messaging V3 specification defines acommunications-protocol neutral method for exchanging electronicbusiness messages. It defines specific Web Services-based envelopingconstructs supporting reliable, secure delivery of business information.Furthermore, the specification defines a flexible enveloping technique,permitting messages to contain payloads of any format type...The OASIS specification "AS4 Profile of ebMS V3" abstract: "While ebMS3.0 represents a leap forward in reducing the complexity of Web ServicesB2B messaging, the specification still contains numerous options andcomprehensive alternatives for addressing a variety of scenarios forexchanging data over a Web Services platform. The AS4 profile of theebMS 3.0 specification has been developed in order to bring continuityto the principles and simplicity that made AS2 successful, whileadding better compliance to Web services standards, and features suchas message pulling capability and a built-in Receipt mechanism. UsingebMS 3.0 as a base, a subset of functionality is defined along withimplementation guidelines adopted based on the 'just-enough' designprinciples and AS2 functional requirements to trim down ebMS 3.0 intoa more simplified and AS2-like specification for Web Services B2Bmessaging. This document defines the AS4 profile as a combination ofa conformance profile that concerns an implementation capability, andof a usage profile that concerns how to use this implementation. Acouple of variants are defined for the AS4 conformance profile -- theAS4 ebHandler profile and the AS4 Light Client profile -- that reflectdifferent endpoint capabilities."Holodeck's primary goal is to provide an Open-Source product for B2Bmessaging based on ebXML Messaging version 3 that can be used by ebXMLcommunities as well as WebServices communities. Because ebXML Messagingversion 3 is compatible with webservices, Holodeck provides anintegration of ebXML, webservices and AS4 in one package. Holodeckcan be used in the following scenarios: (1) Pure ebXML messaging inthe B2B or within different departments of the same company. (2)Messaging Gateway to an ESB. The ESB providing an integration withina company, while Holodeck playing the gateway to communicate with theexternal world via messaging. (3) An environment where there is a needfor both Webservice consumption and heavy B2B messaging where webservices fail...Holodeck comes with a scalable architecture: datastore for messages(JDO by default, a MySQL pre-configured option, and interfaces toother databases), and streaming for large messages (based on Axis2streaming). The project is funded and maintained by Fujitsu America,Inc. This package comes with a "no coding necessary" out-of-the-boxexperience and tutorials, allowing you to deploy and test withouthaving to write code up-front, using a directory system as applicationlayer substitute to store as files elements of messages to be sent,and to receive them. Developers can download binaries and source code,and get a fresh copy directly from "Subversion" versioning system... also the Holodeck resources from SourceForge:

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