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Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Predictions: SOA, Grid, SCA, Web 2.0, REST

"(1) Grid computing will grip the attention of enterprise IT leaders,
although given the various concepts of hardware grids, compute grids,
and data grids, and different approaches taken by vendors, the
definition of grid will be as fuzzy as ESB. This is likely to happen
at the end of 2008. (2) At least one application in the area of what
Gartner calls 'eXtreme Transaction Processing' (XTP) will become the
poster child for grid computing. This killer app for grid computing
will most likely be in the financial services industry or the travel
industry. Scalable, fault tolerant, grid enabled middle tier caching
will be a key component of such applications. (3) Event-Driven
Architectures (EDA) will finally become a well understood ingredient
for achieving realtime insight into business process, business metrics,
and business exceptions. New offerings from platform vendors and
startups will begin to feverishly compete in this area. (4) Service
Component Architecture (SCA) will become the new way for SOA applications
to be defined as support from all the major platform vendors (sans
Microsoft) will be rolled out... (9) By end of year it will be clear
that an understanding of infrastructure requirements for common
problems such as predictable scalability, reliability, security,
(*-ilities) will be necessary in order to support any combination of
SOA, REST, or Web 2.0 style applications. However the exact architecture
or even the list of requirements in support of such infrastructure
will not be well understood or agreed upon. Such a common understanding
will not come to bear until at least 2010. This will be the new
frontier to explore in the coming years..."

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