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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

XML-based Information Delivery Framework on the Desktop

JustSystems is offering xfy Technology as a fundamentally disruptive
technology, promoted as "the world's first XML-based information delivery
framework". Xfy is a data processor not a word processor and can create
all sorts of standards-based documentation. It could be described as an
XML browser, rather than a web browser. It deals with XML from scratch
and makes use of XML Schema, Extensible Stylesheet Language
Transformations (XSLT) and the extensibility of XML. xfy is a new
approach to building RIA, which produces composite documents based on
standard XML and integration via XSLT. It is a framework for enterprise
mashups with role-based visualisation and translation -- which "enables"
the addition of semantics (meaning) to data (its roadmap seems to support
semantic web in the future) and manages complexity. It features fast
deployment, and there is no expensive XML parsing before data can be
used. It is centralised and server-based. Xfy competes with Silverlight
and Flex, but it is just about XML, not code - it is "just" an RIA-style
framework for near-real-time applications. It is most effective in
(but not limited to) Java environment, as xfy has a Java-based client
that can combine/unify/normalise and visualise information from multiple
sources on the client side without the need for server-based scripting.
Debuggers are available but everything is built from reusable XML
components, so xfy users should not get into deep, complicated
programming-style logic...

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