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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ten Mistakes Companies Make When Implementing SOA Projects

A growing number of companies are implementing SOA projects to lower
IT integration costs, while improving the time it takes to make changes
to business units. However, according to Paul Callahan, manager of
technical services at NetManage, of those companies that have begun
deployment, many are held up in the early implementation phase. This
has resulted in a number of organizations either scaling down or
abandoning their SOA deployment plans. "There are fairly common mistakes
to avoid when implementing an SOA project, and best practices are
starting to emerge based on successful, enterprise-wide deployments.
To follow are the 10 most common mistakes companies make when
implementing an SOA project. Recognize and avoid these potential
pitfalls to successfully get your SOA initiative off the ground: (1)
Taking a Shotgun Approach; (2) Failing to Involve Business Analysts;
(3) Spending More Time on SOA Products than SOA Planning; (4) Tackling
the Largest Projects First; (5) Forgetting that SOA is a Business
Problem; (6) Treating Identity as an Afterthought; (7) Buying New
Products When Existing Investments Suffice; (8) Misunderstanding
Company Key Players; (9) Expecting the SOA Project to Spread Quickly;
(10) Lacking Necessary Elements.

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