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Thursday, January 3, 2008

openLiberty ID-WSF ClientLib Project Releases Alpha Code

Asa Hardcastle, Technical Lead for the openLiberty ID-WSF ClientLib
Project, announced that the ClientLib Alpha is now available online.
The ClientLib uses OpenSAML's Java XML Tooling, SOAP, and SAML2
Libraries. The Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) is a set of
open specifications for interoperable, secure, idenity-enabled Web
services., a domain name donated by HP, has been
launched with the aid of the Liberty Alliance as a resource for all
those looking to deploy open source solutions for securing
identity-based Web services at the relying party. The participants
are initially focusing on ways to provide the open source community
with ID-WSF Web Services Consumer (WSC) libraries so that developers
can incorporate SAML 2.0 functionality into a variety of Web services
and client-based applications... SAML 2.0 is the leading standard for
federated identity and is now widely adopted. Liberty Federation
(SAML 2.0 + Liberty Alliance policy best practices) is a key enabler
for securing Web services across domains, protecting user privacy and
enabling appropriate user control over the use of identity information.
While SAML alone can secure access to Web-based applications, the
client technologies of ID-WSF are required to allow applications to
invoke services across the network. By focusing initially on WSC
Libraries that take advantage of SAML 2.0, we will have new tools for
building more functional, secure and privacy respecting Web services,
especially at the relying party.

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