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Friday, January 4, 2008

OASIS XLIFF Version 1.2 to be Considered for Standardization

Members of the OASIS XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF)
Technical Committee have submitted an approved Committee Specification
document set for XLIFF 1.2 to be considered as an OASIS Standard. The
XLIFF 1.2 Specification defines the XML Localization Interchange File
Format (XLIFF), designed by a group of software providers, localization
service providers, and localization tools providers. The purpose of
this vocabulary is to store localizable data and carry it from one
step of the localization process to the other, while allowing
interoperability between tools. It is intended to give any software
provider a single interchange file format that can be understood by
any localization provider. The specification is tool-neutral, supports
the entire localization process, and supports common software, document
data formats, and markup languages. The specification provides an
extensibility mechanism to allow the development of tools compatible
with an implementer's data formats and workflow requirements. The
extensibility mechanism provides controlled inclusion of information
not defined in the specification. XLIFF is loosely based on the OpenTag
version 1.2 specification and borrows from the TMX 1.2 specification.
However, it is different enough from either one to be its own format.
The Version 1.2 specification set includes a Core prose document, XML
schemas, Representation Guide for HTML, Representation Guide for Java Resource
Bundles, and Representation Guide for Gettext PO (defines a guide for mapping
the GNU Gettext Portable Object file format to XLIFF).

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