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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Facebook Meets .Net

Facebook is a popular social network site and a destination for
application developers, but developers need to learn its peculiarities,
according to a VSLive conference presentation in San Francisco.
Development on Facebook is more like embedded development rather than
normal Web development, said speaker Jeffrey McManus, CEO of Platform
Associates, a consulting firm. Facebook is a platform featuring a
collection of technologies enabling developers to create applications
that incorporate Facebook data. This could include applications, for
example, that make Web services calls to Facebook and applications
that can run within Facebook. Technologies for developing applications
in Facebook include FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and IFrame, an HTML
construct that opens a hole in a page enabling display of another page
inside of it, according to McManus. Also factored into the equation is
Facbook.Net, a .Net library that wraps Web services and handles
authentication and other elements. Silverlight, Microsoft's new
multimedia presentation technology, also can be supported in Facebook
using FBML.

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