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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tim Berners-Lee and Distinguished Faculty to Present at LinkedData Planet

Ken North has provided updated information about the summer LinkedData
Planet Conference. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the W3C, will deliver
a keynote and a distinguished faculty will deliver a content-rich technical
program at in New York City (June 17-18, 2008). Besides the keynote, there
will be a Linked Data Workshop and a Power Panel. The conference is
co-chaired by Bob DuCharme and Ken North The evolution of the current Web
of "linked documents" to a Web of "linked data" is steadily gaining
mindshare among developers, architects, systems integrations, users, and
the more than 200 software companies developing semantic web-oriented
solutions. Organizations such as Adobe, Google, OpenLink Software, Oracle,
the W3C, and the grassroots Linking Open Data community have actively
provided technology and thought leadership during the embryonic stages of
this evolutionary transition. Notable examples on the Web today include,
DBpedia, the Zoominfo search engine, the Bambora travel recommendation
site, a number of social networking sites, numerous semantic web
technology-based services, various linked data browsers, SPARQL query
language and protocol-compliant data servers and data management systems,
and a growing number of web sites exposing machine-readable data using
microformats, RDFa, and GRDDL. The LinkedData Planet audience will include
system architects, enterprise architects, web site designers, software
developers, consultants and technical managers, all looking to learn more
about linking the growing collection of available data sources and
technologies to get more value from their data for their organizations.

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