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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Working Group Formed to Support ODRL Service (ODRL-S) Profile

On behalf of the ODRL Initiative, Renato Iannella announced the
formation of a new ODRL Services (ODRL-S) Profile Working Group,
chartered to develop the semantics for licensing Service-Oriented
Computing (SOC) services. The Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL)
Initiative is an international effort aimed at developing and
promoting an open standard for rights expressions. ODRL is intended
to provide flexible and interoperable mechanisms to support transparent
and innovative use of digital content in publishing, distributing and
consuming of digital media across all sectors and communities. The new
profile will build upon prior work completed at the University of
Trento on service licensing. The WG will develop an ODRL Profile that
extends the ODRL language to support the SOC community requirements.
The profile will address the core semantics for the licenses to enable
services to be used, reused, and amalgamated with other services. By
expressing the license terms in ODRL, greater features can be supported,
such as automatically detecting conflicts in service conditions, and
making explicit all requirements and conditions. ODRL-S is designed
as a complementary language to describe licensing clauses of a service
in machine interpretable form. The salient features of ODRL-S are as
follows: (1) ODRL-S unambiguously represents service licensing clauses --
based on formalization of licensing clauses; (2) ODRL-S is simple yet
powerful and fully extensible language; (3) ODRL-S can specify licenses
at service level and service operation level; (4) ODRL-S can be used
with any of existing service description standards and languages; (5)
ODRL-S is developed as a completely compatible profile with ODRL for
describing a service license.

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