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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RSA Conference 2008: Concordia Done, OSIS To Go

The author blogs on the the Project Concordia workshop held at RSA 2008
on 2008-04-07, showing SAML 2.0/WS-Federation single sign-on from a
service provider to an identity provider, the identity provider
authenticating the user via a managed information card and sending
claims from the card to the service provider as SAML 2.0 attributes.
Note that not every combination of SAML 2.0/WS-Federation SP, IdP and
Information Card STS completely works, but enough that the approach was
proven. Slides from the "Concordia/RSA Interop Demo" describe the
products involved. OpenSSO primarily attracts enterprises interested in
deploying a web access management or federation solution using open
source tools. An Information Card RP Extension has been contributed
by Patrick Petit. The OAIS (Open Source Identity Systems) demonstration
shows the OSIS User centric identity network interoperability between
identity providers, card selectors, browsers and websites demonstrates
how users can 'click-in' to sites via self-issued and managed
information cards, or i-cards. Open ID, Higgins Identity Framework,
Microsoft CardSpace, SAML, WSTrust, Kerberos and X.509 components
interoperate within an identity layer from open-source parts...

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