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Sunday, April 13, 2008

OGC Adopts ebRIM Application Profile for Catalogues

The Open Geospatial Consortium announced that its membership has
approved the OASIS ebRIM (Electronic Business Registry Information
Model) application profile of the OpenGIS Catalogue Service 2.1.2
standard. The Catalogue Standard specifies a design pattern that
allows for the definition of interfaces called application profiles
based on different standards, such as ZF39.50, ebRIM, UDDI, or ISO
metadata, that support the ability to publish and search collections
of descriptive information (metadata) about geospatial data, services
and related information objects. The ebRIM application profile was
developed and adopted because it enables catalogs to handle services
as well a variety of other geospatial resource types such as symbol
libraries, coordinate reference systems, application profiles, and
application schemas and geospatial metadata. The OGC is an international
industry consortium of more than 345 companies, government agencies,
research organizations, and universities participating in a consensus
process to develop publicly available interface specifications.
OpenGIS Specifications support interoperable solutions that geo-enable
the Web, wireless and location-based services, and mainstream IT. The
specifications empower technology developers to make complex spatial
information and services accessible and useful with all kinds of

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