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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Open Web SSO Project - Build 4

Developer blogs from the OpenSSO Project announce the release of OpenSSO
Version 1 Build 4. The Open Web SSO project (OpenSSO) provides core
identity services to simplify the implementation of transparent single
sign-on (SSO) as a security component in a network infrastructure.
OpenSSO provides the foundation for integrating diverse web applications
that might typically operate against a disparate set of identity
repositories and are hosted on a variety of platforms such as web and
application servers. This project is based on the code base of Sun Java
System Access Manager, a core identity infrastructure product offered
by Sun Microsystems. The objectives of the OpenSSO project are to provide
open access to an identity infrastructure source code; to enable
innovation to build the next generation of open network identity
services; and to establish open XML-based file formats and
language-independent component application programming interfaces (APIs).
New in OpenSSO Build 4, according to Pat Patterson's blog: (1) New
OpenSSO configurator; the developers request feedback on the new
configuration UI, via the project mailing lists; (2) WS-Trust Security
Token Service (STS) is available on Glassfish, Sun Application Server,
Sun Web Server, Geronimo, Tomcat and WebSphere; we've done a lot of
trickery with classloaders to get this working across a wide range of
containers... still working on support in Oracle Application Server,
JBoss and WebLogic Server; (3) Simplified STS client sample; (4)
Configuration and/or user store replication across multiple OpenSSO
instances where the embedded instance of OpenDS is in use; (5)
Security/SSL related fixes; (6) General bug fixes in all areas." Note:
OpenDS is an open source community project building a free and
comprehensive next generation directory service. OpenDS is designed
to address large deployments, to provide high performance, to be
highly extensible, and to be easy to deploy, manage and monitor. The
directory service includes not only the Directory Server, but also
other essential directory-related services like directory proxy,
virtual directory, namespace distribution and data synchronization.
Initial development of OpenDS was done by Sun Microsystems, but is
now available under the open source Common Development and Distribution
License (CDDL).

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