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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Call for Participation: W3C Workshop on Video on the Web

W3C issued a Call For Participation in an open "W3C Workshop on Video
on the Web", to be held December 12-13, 2007 in San Jose, California,
USA, hosted by Cisco Systems. Position papers are due November 21, 2007.
The high-level goal: Make video a first class Web citizen, including
making it easy to create, link to and from, describe, and search. Part
of making video a first class Web citizen will involve addressing issues
of accessibility, internationalization, privacy, digital rights,
performance, and device-independence. Web based video is exploding.
More and more we are seeing video on the Web used for advertising,
enterprise collaboration, entertainment, product reviews, and other
applications. As prices drop for consumer electronics, amateur and
professionals alike are creating increasingly high quality videos.
Social networks are sprouting up around Web-delivered media. "IP TV"
(Internet-based delivery of television programming) is also maturing
quickly. These rapid changes are posing challenges to the underlying
technologies and standards to support the platform-independent creation,
authoring, encoding/decoding, and description of video. W3C encourages
people interested in the topics to participate in the Workshop;
in-scope topics include strategic thinking about video on the Web,
user experience, video production, and Web architecture. W3C membership
is not required in order to participate in the Workshop; there is no
participation fee, but registration is required. Position papers are
the basis for the discussion at the Workshop. Position papers, agenda,
accepted presentations, and report will be published online.

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