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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

W3C Workshop Report: Next Steps for XML Signature and XML Encryption

W3C's report of the Workshop on Next Steps for XML Signature and XML
Encryption is now available. The September 25-26, 2007 event was
hosted by VeriSign in Mountain View, California. This Workshop included
implementors and users of the XML Canonicalization, XML Signature and
XML Encryption suites of specifications. The participants included
implementers and specification writers that have built their work on
top of these specifications. Participants in the workshop had to submit
a position paper. The workshop had 25 participants from over fifteen
organizations. The aim of this workshop was to gather information and
experiences with these specifications, to start to build community
consensus, and to make initial recommendations to the W3C about possible
next steps for the XML Security specifications. The report shows strong
interest in additional work on XML security at W3C. A basic signature
profile, the referencing and transform models, updating the set of
supported cryptographic algorithms, and revisiting XML canonicalization
were seen as highest priority among the several topics identified by
the participants. The XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working
Group has been chartered to produce a draft charter for follow-up work.
This Workshop report will serve as input to that deliverable. To enable
discussion among Workshop attendees, Working Group members, and the
broader community, a new mailing list has been created. Participation
in that mailing list is open to all interested parties. More Information
See also the XML Security Specifications Maintenance WG: Click Here

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