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Thursday, October 18, 2007

W3C First Public Working Draft: Language Bindings for DOM Specifications

W3C announced that members of the Web API Working Group have released
the First Public Working Draft for "Language Bindings for DOM
Specifications." The document was produced as part of the Rich Web
Clients Activity in the W3C Interaction Domain. The specification
defines an Interface Definition Language (IDL) to be used by
specifications that define a Document Object Model (DOM). How interfaces
described with this IDL correspond to constructs within ECMAScript and
Java execution environments is also detailed. It is intended to specify
in detail the IDL language used by W3C specifications to define DOM
interfaces, and to provide precise conformance requirements for
ECMAScript and Java bindings of such interfaces. It is expected that
this document acts as a guide to implementors of already-published DOM
specifications, and that newly published DOM specifications reference
this document to ensure conforming implementations of DOM interfaces
are interoperable. The interface definition language (defined in a
language independent manner) is based on the Object Management Group's
Interface Definition Language, and is syntactically a subset thereof.
The W3C Web API Working Group was chartered to develop specifications
that enable improved client-side application development on the Web.
This includes the development of programming interfaces to be made
available in a Web client. The target platforms for this Working Group
includes desktop and mobile browsers as well as many specialty,
browser-like environments that use Web client technologies. The goal
is to promote universal access both for devices and users, including
those with special needs. Additionally, the Working Group has the goal
to improve client-side application development through education,
outreach and interoperability testing. More Information

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