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Thursday, October 18, 2007

ebXML Messaging Services 3.0 Approved as an OASIS Standard

OASIS announced that its members have approved the "ebXML Messaging
Services (ebMS) version 3.0: Part 1, Core Features" specification as
an OASIS Standard. ebMS 3.0 defines a Web services-based method for
the reliable, secure exchange of business information. It is the latest
addition to the ebXML family of specifications that was launched as a
global initiative by OASIS and the United Nations Centre for Trade
Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) and has been adopted
worldwide. ebMS is designed to be used either with or without any of
the other ebXML standards, including ebXML Business Process Specification
Schema (BPSS) 2.0.4 and a forthcoming version of ebXML Collaboration
Protocol Profile and Agreement (CPP/A). By design, ebMS 3.0 also fully
supports composition with other SOAP-based Web services specifications.
ebMS was developed under the Royalty-Free on Limited Terms Mode of the
OASIS Intellectual Property Rights Policy. Axway, Fujitsu Computer
Systems, and NEC all verified successful use of ebMS 3.0, in accordance
with eligibility requirements for all OASIS Standards. The OASIS ebMS
Technical Committee continues work on Part 2 of ebMS 3.0 that will
provide functional extensions to the ebMS 3.0 Core. Participation in
the Technical Committee remains open to all companies, non-profit groups,
governments, academic institutions, and individuals. More Information See also the specification: Click Here

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