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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Client-side WSDL Processing with Groovy and Gant

"As part of a cross-platform Web service testing team responsible for
testing functional aspects as well as the performance, load, and
robustness of Web services, I recently realized the need for a small,
easy-to-use, command-line-based solution for WSDL processing. I wanted
the toolset to help testers and developers check and validate WSDL 1.1
files coming from different sources for compatibility with various Web
service frameworks, as well as generating test stubs in Java to make
actual calls. For the Java platform, that meant using Java 6 wsimport,
Axis2, XFire, and CXF. We also needed an environment based on Visual
Studio .Net, and C# that tested WSDL and the services themselves in a
pure-Windows environment. We started client-side test development with
XFire, but then switched to Axis2 because of changing customer
requirements in our agile project. We also used ksoap2 -- a lightweight
Web service framework especially for the Java ME developer. Finally, I
decided to use Groovy and a smart combination of Groovy plus Ant,
called Gant. The components I have developed for the resulting Toolset
can be divided into two groups: (1) The Gant part is responsible for
providing some "targets" for the tester's everyday work, including the
WSDL-checker and a Java parser/modifier component. (2) The WSDL-checker
part is implemented with Groovy, but callable inside an Ant environment
(via Groovy's Ant task) as part of the daily build process. This
article presents a small toolset based on Groovy, Gant, and Java that
could support your daily work in this area, especially if you are a
tester." More Information

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