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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NETCONF Configuration Interface Advertisement with WSDL and XSD

An initial draft of "NETCONF Configuration Interface Advertisement with
WSDL and XSD" has been released. IETF netconf WG made up NETCONF
protocol as a standard configuration protocol between a network
management system and network devices. By using this unified management/
configuration protocol, operators can reduce management/configuration
cost. Developers of the network management system (NMS) read
configuration interface definition document and write code that accesses
the configuration interface of the NETCONF device. Now, there are no
standard way to take XML Schema from a target NETCONF device. To implement
the NETCONF NMS, the developers should check the Schema that defines the
configuration data of the target NETCONF device. This memo describes a
configuration interface advertisement method for NETCONF device developers.
In the proposal, the developers take a configuration interface definition
information of target NETCONF devices. On their development environment,
they generate stab classes to control the devices. The NETCONF device
advertises their configuration interface by a WSDL file. The WSDL file
describes message type of each NETCONF operation of the device. The
WSDL file contains XML Schema in its types element and describes
definition of the types definition used to configuration data. By this
configuration interface advertisement, Network management System (NMS)
developers can improve their development efficiency of the NMS. The
document provides the requirements to NETCONF devices and the programming
model to suppress the implementation cost of the NMS that manages
NETCONF devices. First, this document standardizes how to describe
the configuration interface of NETCONF devices. Second, this document
standardizes how to describe the type definition of the XML elements
that occur in the NETCONF protocol messages. Last, this document
standardizes how to advertise the above configuration interface
definition information. More Information


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