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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER): Grouping of Resources

W3C's Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER) Working Group has
published the First Public Working Draft for Protocol for "Protocol for
Web Description Resources (POWDER): Grouping of Resources." POWDER
facilitates the publication of descriptions of multiple resources such
as all those available from a Web site. These descriptions are
attributable to a named individual, organization or entity that may or
may not be the creator of the described resources. This contrasts with
more usual metadata that typically applies to a single resource, such
as a specific document's title, which is usually provided by its author.
Description Resources (DRs) are described separately. This document sets
out how groups (i.e. sets) of resources may be defined, either for use
in DRs or in other contexts. Set theory has been used throughout as it
provides a well-defined framework that leads to unambiguous definitions.
However, it is used solely to provide a formal version of what is
written in the natural language text. Companion documents describe the
RDF/OWL vocabulary and XML data types that are derived from this and
the Description Resources document, setting out each term's domain,
range and constraints. As each term is introduced in this document, it
is linked to its description in the vocabulary document. More Information
See also W3C Semantic Web Activity: Click Here

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