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Friday, November 16, 2007

Nortel Launches SOA Initiative

Nortel Networks is launching its first foray into SOA-based
communications as it takes the wraps off its Raptor project November
14, 2007 and announces an alliance with partner IBM. Nortel's strategy
leverages service-oriented architecture and Web services technology to
enable both enterprises and carriers to quickly integrate communications
and business processes. Nortel's overall Communications Enablement
strategy is based on four pillars: the implementation of Web services
on specific products; its new software development foundation that
speeds the integration of communications functions into applications
and business processes; alliances with multiple partners, starting with
IBM; and the formation of a Nortel global services practice to support
the SOA-based applications and services. Raptor is a tool kit that
allows developers to more easily integrate functions such as click-to-call,
presence, location and context into applications and business processes.
Developers don't have to know the details of the underlying communications
technology that delivers the connectivity. The Raptor foundation will
not only leverage IBM's WebSphere middleware, but also be integrated
with IBM's Lotus Sametime communications and collaboration platform.
Integration with Sametime will allow functions such as click-to-call,
click-to-conference, presence and shared directory services to be added
quickly. For example, a Sametime user could, from within the Sametime
client, see if a contact's phone is in use.

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