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Friday, November 9, 2007

W3C Plenary Day Program Convenes Experts on the Future of the Web

W3C announced that it welcomed over 400 experts from around the world
on 2007-11-07 to participate in a compelling "Plenary Day Program",
designesd to address issues shaping the future of the Web. The Wednesday
of the Technical Plenary Week offered a unique opportunity for a broad
W3C Community (Working, Interest and Coordination Groups; Advisory
Committee Representatives; Advisory Board; Technical Architecture Group;
and W3C Team) who have registered to gather in one room and discuss
technical topics of broad interest to the attendees, and of significant
importance to past, present and future of the World Wide Web Consortium.
Authors of the next version of HTML mixed it up with Semantic Web
developers, security experts, Web accessibility advocates, and the media
on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).
The program included a panel on the growing relationships between W3C
and the at-large developer community, the challenges HTML5 and XHTML2
propose to solve, and W3C's emerging vision of what's needed for video
on the Web. The day culminated with a talk by W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee:
"Cracks and Mortar", a review of the Web to date and a close look at
the gaps for signs of both wear and opportunity. The session "HTML 5,
XHTML 2.0, Future Formats" is now referenced in a blog. Details and
links are provided in the announcement, "W3C Community Convenes to
Discuss Web Future. Hundreds of International Participants Exchange
Ideas, Coordinate Work." More Information

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