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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wikipedia's Non-Profit Foundation Hits Fundraising Milestone

The Wikimedia Foundation has attracted 10,000 fundraising contributors
in nine days. The foundation's annual fundraiser supports the nonprofit
organization that runs Wikipedia. The group announced Thursday that its
10,000th donation came from someone in Finland who donated 10 Euros.
The total amount raised was not disclosed. The fundraiser, which began
October 22, 2007 and continues until December 22, is held to support
Wikipedia's online encyclopedia and the Foundation's other projects.
Although users contribute material for free, the Foundation employs
people to edit, monitor, and run the online encyclopedia, as well as
other operations. Funds raised this year will help support programs that
encourage the development of smaller-language Wikipedias, like the
Wikipedia Academies occurring in Africa on Nov. 10 and Nov. 11. The
Academies teach students, scholars, and community members how to edit
Wikipedia. The Foundation hopes the work will help preserve endangered
or lesser-known languages and record cultural knowledge for future
generations. Most of the Foundation's revenue comes from private
individuals, and donations average around $25. More Information

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