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Friday, November 16, 2007

iPhone Gets Add-On Boost from Transmedia's Glide Mobile

Just in time for the iPhone release in the U.K. and Germany on Friday,
online media management and collaboration provider Transmedia launched
an application for creating Word Documents, Web sites, and PDFs on the
popular device. Transmedia's Glide Mobile is a Web-based AJAX and HTML
application that can be accessed through the iPhone's Safari browser.
Once a person signs up for a Glide Mobile account, they can create,
access, and editMicrosoft Word or Open Office documents on their iPhone
-- an option that doesn't come pre-installed on the device. Subscribers
can use many of the same features they're used to on the desktop, such
as bolding, italicizing, or underlining text, as well as creating bullet
points. Documents created on the iPhone can also be converted to PDF
files. The application automatically syncs up and converts desktop
Microsoft Word documents for access on the iPhone. But an Internet
connection is required so that Glide Mobile can send a signal to
Transmedia's servers to trigger the automatic synching. Glide Mobile
can also be used to create media rich documents on the iPhone, since
it offers the option of inserting photos, music, video, bookmarks,
calendar events, and more. Window Media Player videos exported from
Windows-based PCs are converted to QuickTime through Glide Mobile,
making them viewable on the iPhone. More Information

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