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Saturday, November 3, 2007

HELD Device Identity Extensions

IETF has announced the publication of "HELD Device Identity Extensions,"
released by members of the Geographic Location/Privacy (GEOPRIV)
Working Group. Protocols such as "HTTP Enabled Location Delivery
(HELD)" need to identify a device in order to perform some task.
Basic HELD only provides device identity through the IP address of
the requesting Target, while ["GEOPRIV Layer 7 Location Configuration
Protocol: Problem Statement and Requirements" provides examples of
where this may be insufficent. This memo defines a set of URIs an a
containment schema that allow the specification of device identity
beyond source IP address and may be used with HELD and general presence
documents as described in RFC 4479. This document defines a set of URIs
for Device identities and a XML containment schema. These can be used
in conjunction with HELD to provide Device identification beyond source
IP Address. Examples and usage in HELD message syntax are provided.
The details of this memo consist of a simple schema extension for HELD
to support the inclusion of a device identity in the form of a URI or
typed-token, and a set of URI definitions that can be used for device
identities. The GEOPRIV WG was chartered to to assess the the
authorization, integrity and privacy requirements that must be met in
order to transfer such information, or authorize the release or
representation of location information through an agent. As more and
more resources become available on the Internet, some applications
need to acquire geographic location information about certain resources
or entities. These applications include navigation, emergency services,
management of equipment in the field, and other location-based services. More Information

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