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Friday, November 9, 2007

Report on Election Markup Language (EML) Interoperability Demonstration

Organizers of an EML Interoperability Demonstration have published a
report of the exercise: "All attendees of the OASIS Open Standards
Forum 2007 held in Ditton Manor UK were invited to participate in an
Interoperability Demonstration of the Election Markup Language (EML)
OASIS Standard. With their help the objective of the Demo was to show
how EML can be used in a multi-channel e-voting ballot involving several
suppliers... In conducting the Demo, EML's schemas 330, 410, 510 and
520 were used and examples of these are shown at Appendix C. All
personal data has been removed from these examples for obvious reasons.
The 330 schema was created from the Forum delegate list and sent to all
channel providers. They prepared their vote casting systems from this
schema and added appropriate validation routines to counter duplicate
and erroneous voting. At the conclusion of voting each channel provider
constructed a 510 schema with the number of votes and sent it to IBM,
who reconciled and counted the votes. The results were then posted to
a remote website using a 520 schema. This whole exercise was a very
global event as data was being captured by back-end systems in Nova
Scotia, Australia, Northern Ireland, as well as locally in Ditton Manor.
The paper ballots were scanned locally. All the data was sent
electronically to Belgium for counting and then posted to the remote
website for use in the final presentation at the Forum. An online ballot
results document is available. More Information

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