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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Syntext Xsl-Status: A Progress Tracking Tool for XSLT Stylesheet

Syntext developers recently announced the release of release of
Xsl-Status V1.3.0, described as "an indispensable progress tracking
tool for XSLT stylesheet developers." It helps you track which elements
of an XML Schema are supported in your XSLT stylesheet, what the
development status of XSLT templates is, and what template supports
a particular XML element. The new release features the following
enhancements: (1) The ability to generate multiple reports at a time;
(2) The ability to group generated reports; (3) The ability to generate
summary reports; (4) XML Catalogs support. The new version of Xsl-Status
has made it possible for Syntext Serna XSLT stylesheet developers to
generate reports for several document types simultaneously (e.g. DITA
Task, Topic, Concept) and have them grouped by category (e.g. Serna
DITA 1.3, Serna DITA 1.1). Multiple reports are displayed conveniently
as structured lists in summary reports, with links letting you access
a desired report easily. Xsl-Status was originally designed for
developers creating XSLT stylesheets for Syntext Serna WYSIWYG XML
editor. Some of the supported Schemas (e.g. DITA, Docbook, S1000D)
are rather large and contain hundreds of elements. In order to support
the evolving stylesheets, you need to know which elements are supported,
which elements have yet to be supported, which elements are being
tested, etc. To run this package, you need Python and XSLTProc installed
on your computer. The software is made available free under the terms
of the Apache License Version 2.0. More Information

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