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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eclipse to Stress Component, Runtime Efforts

The Eclipse Foundation announced that is will branch out in the realm of
component-oriented software development, unveiling an umbrella project
unifying several runtime initiatives. Eclipse's component development
plan, called CODA (Component Oriented Development and Assembly), hinges
on Eclipse's Equinox, which is the foundation's OSGi-based runtime and
a part of the new Eclipse Runtime (RT) project. CODA is a methodology on
how to build and deploy applications. Equinox is runtime platform software
focused on Java and supporting the concepts of CODA. Eclipse RT serves
as a top-level project to house runtime efforts in the Eclipse community.
Featured will be six sub-projects, including: Equinox; Eclipse Communication
Framework for development of distributed tools and applications;
EclipseLink, providing object-relational persistence services; and Rich
AJAX Platform for building AJAX applications. The other two subprojects
include Swordfish, offering an SOA framework, and Riena for building an
enterprise desktop with capabilities like the ability to access transaction
and database systems. Also on tap at the conference is the introduction of
an Equinox community portal to educate developers on Equinox, OSGi, and
Eclipse runtime projects. OSGi has served as the basis for the Eclipse
plug-in model, in which the Eclipse IDE is extended via plug-ins offering
different capabilities. Equinox and CODA provide advantages in
component-oriented development because Equinox is based on OSGi, a
component model spanning platforms and architectural tiers. OSGi also
can be used in mobile and embedded devices and desktop and server
applications; other component models tend to be operating system-specific
or tied to a specific deployment tier. Developers using Equinox can
assemble and customize the application and runtime platform; also, a
standard integration mechanism is provided to link to partner and
customer solutions.

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