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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IDS Scheer Supports OASIS Reference Model, ARIS SOA Architect

IDS Scheer has announced support for the OASIS SOA Reference Model used
in tandem with ARIS SOA Architect. The structure and management of a
business process-oriented service landscape requires close cooperation
between specialized departments and IT within companies. IDS Scheer has
leveraged its expanded methodology for Business-Driven SOA into
developing comprehensive support for describing, planning and managing
services -- designed specifically for this type of collaboration within
an organization. The new methodology, based on the OASIS SOA Reference
Model, categorizes services using business criteria with a concentration
on those with the greatest strategic importance -- the end result is
mitigation of risks within SOA projects. SOA projects are designed to
help companies become more flexible to react efficiently to changes
in the market. With the new reference model, these projects can now be
achieved directly without moving from pillar to post because the
development and management of the services work in conjunction with
the relevant business unit. The technical specification of individual
services within a SOA is a new feature and it ensures the continuing
provision of target-oriented service development in IT and subsequent
service reuse. This methodology is fully integrated into ARIS SOA
Architect. Existing models for describing IT landscapes and web services
can be reused, thus securing investments and enabling service orientation
and Enterprise Architecture measures to work together. ARIS SOA Architect
reduces implementation costs considerably because redundant
implementations within a service are compiled, thereby producing an
efficient service architecture. If a service fails, alternative
implementations can be identified with ease.

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