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Friday, March 14, 2008

Intalio and Alfresco Integrate BPM Suite with ECM

Intalio, Inc. recently announced a partnership with Alfresco Software,
Inc., 'the Open Source alternative for Enterprise Content Management'.
The integrated offering of Intalio-BPMS and Alfresco ECM allows users
to manage advanced document-centric workflow processes and support the
collaborative development of complex business processes. Document-centric
workflow processes provide a powerful way to automate business
communications, allowing documents to be transmitted to the right people
based on complex rules. For example, insurance companies can use
workflow processes to handle end-to-end policy management processes and
provide better visibility to customers regarding the processing of
claims. The integrated solution also allows Business and IT to
collaboratively document complex business processes, making it easier
to understand business requirements and the rational behind new
procedures. The Alfresco integration project was funded under the
Demand Driven Development (D3) model introduced by Intalio in 2006. The
idea behind D3 is to allow customers to steer Intalio's product
development roadmap in specific directions, then participate in the
overall development process through syndicated funding. Development
is billed at cost, and sponsors receive credits toward the licensing
of Intalio-BPMS Enterprise Edition equivalent to 50% of their
participation in the D3 project. The Alfresco integration D3 project
is currently being funded by three sponsors worldwide. Genoko, an
Intalio System Integration partner in Asia, is planning to deploy the
solution in several large companies throughout the region.

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