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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Surveys from BPTrends and BEA Reflect on 'The State of BPM in 2008'

In the past couple of weeks, two major reports on "The State of BPM
in 2008" were published. The first one (54 pages) was based on a
survey filled by 274 respondents and published by Paul Harmon and Celia
Wolf, Executive Editor and Publisher of The second one
(36 pages) was based on analyst reports, articles and a survey of
customers and was published by BEA with Sandy Kemsley as a co-author.
BPTrends reports that a wide variety of process standards are being
used by the respondents. However, BPMN shows the strongest momentum
with 41% (from 22% in 2006) and BPEL showing a modest progression
with 26 % (from 23% in 2006). XPDL (6%) and the OMG Process Metamodel
(7%) are far behind while UML (30%) and CMM/CMMI (28%) remain fairly
stable. The most popular tools to capture business processes remained
Visio and PowerPoint. The respondents deployed a wide spectrum of
BPMS suites with a prominence of the leading SOA infrastructure
vendors: IBM (including FileNet), SAP, and Oracle.

1 comment:

Sandy Kemsley said...

Standards are certainly an important part of both the BEA and BPTrends reports, and the point at which your interest in XML most overlaps on the BPM world. By "OMG Process Metamodel" I assume that you mean BPDM, which has a low acceptance rate because it's only just emerging this year. UML has artificially high ranking because of its use in technical modeling of software processes, which is really not the same thing as business process modeling.