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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NETCONF Configuration Interface Advertisement with WSDL and XSD

Members of the IETF Network Configuration (NETCONF) Working Group have
released "NETCONF Configuration Interface Advertisement with WSDL
and XSD" as an updated I-D. This IETF Working Group has created the
NETCONF protocol as a standard configuration protocol between a
network management system and network devices. By using this unified
management/configuration protocol, operators can reduce management/
configuration cost. The updated memo describes a configuration
interface advertisement method for NETCONF device developers. In the
proposal, the developers take a configuration interface definition
information of target NETCONF devices. On their development environment,
they generate stab classes to control the devices. The NETCONF device
advertises their configuration interface by a WSDL file. The WSDL
file describes message type of each NETCONF operation of the device.
The WSDL file contains XML Schema in its types element and describes
definition of the types definition used to configuration data. By
this configuration interface advertisement, Network management System
(NMS) developers can improve their development efficiency of the NMS.

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