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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

GridShib SAML Tools Version 0.3.0

Developers have announced the release of GridShib SAML Tools Version
0.3.0. GridShib is an NSF-funded project to integrate the Globus
Toolkit and Shibboleth. With both GridShib for Globus Toolkit and
GridShib for Shibboleth installed, Globus Toolkit may securely request
attributes from the Attribute Authority component of a Shibboleth
Identity Provider. GridShib distributes four software components:
GridShib for Globus Toolkit, GridShib for Shibboleth, GridShib
Certificate Authority, and GridShib SAML Tools. GridShib SAML Tools
v0.3.0 is the final release in the current development cycle, largely
driven by the TeraGrid Science Gateway Use Case. The TeraGrid Science
Gateway SAML extension is a software tool with a command-line interface
(like grid-proxy-init) and a Java API that gateway developers can use
to bind a SAML assertion to an X.509 proxy certificate. The SAML
assertion includes end user identity and contact information that
resource poviders can use for auditing, incident response, and access
control. The GridShib SAML Tools require only Java 1.4 (or later) and
Ant 1.6 (or later). Proxy certificates issued by the SAML Tools are
compatible with GridShib for Globus Toolkit v0.6.0 Alpha (or later).
Important new features of GridShib SAML Tools v0.3.0 include: (1)
enhanced command-line interface; (2) new command-line options for the
SAML Assertion Issuer Tool, including the option to output a DER-encoded
ASN.1 structure; (3) new X.509 Binding Tool, to bind arbitrary content
to a non-critical extension of an X.509 proxy certificate; (4) new SAML
Security Info Tool, for examining the contents of X.509-bound SAML
tokens; (5) expanded Java API, for producing and consuming SAML
assertions and X.509 proxy certificates.

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