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Thursday, March 27, 2008

OASIS Open Standards Symposium 2008

OASIS announced that "Composability within SOA" will be the focus of
Open Standards 2008, the fifth annual symposium hosted by OASIS. This
event, which will be held in Santa Clara, California, 28-April-2008
through 1-May-2008, will examine the critical issues faced when
architecting service-oriented applications and the benefits being
reaped by real-world implementations that take advantage of Web services
transactions. Presentations on the Business Process Execution Language
(BPEL), Service Component Architecture (SCA), Service Data Objects (SDO),
WS-Transaction, and related standards will be featured. In an Open
Standards 2008 keynote address, Peter Carbone, Vice President, SOA,
Office of the CTO at Nortel, will share insights on the new realities
presented by communications-enabled applications and the opportunities
they create for standards development, software vendors, and service
providers. OASIS has announced the launch of a new Telecommunications
Services Member Section which will work to bring the full advantages
of SOA to the telecommunications industry. At Open Standards 2008, the
OASIS Open CSA Member Section will host a table-top exhibition showcasing
SCA and SDO supporters, BEA, IBM, Primeton, Rogue Wave, SAP, Software AG,
and Sun Microsystems. Executives from these companies will participate
in a press briefing on the current state of SCA on Tuesday, 29-April-2008.

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