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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

World Wide Web Consortium Lists: 400,000 Emails

HTML 4.0, XML, PNG, CSS, DOM, and XQuery: These are but a few of the
technologies to come out of the World Wide Web Consortium, commonly
referred to as the W3C. Mark Logic Corporation is proud to announce that
MarkMail has loaded the full W3C public mailing lists. MarkMail in fact
uses all of those W3C technologies. The W3C mailing list archives start
in 1994 and cover 400,000 emails across 200 mailing lists. MarkMail is a
free service for searching mailing list archives, with huge advantages
over traditional search engines. It is powered by MarkLogic Server: Each
email is stored internally as an XML document, and accessed using XQuery.
All searches, faceted navigation, analytic calculations, and HTML page
renderings are performed on a single MarkLogic Server machine running
against millions of messages. The MarkLogic Server is a commercial
enterprise-class XML Content Server built to load, query, manipulate,
and render large amounts of XML using the W3C's XQuery language. In
MarkMail every email is represented and held as an XML document. MarkMail
lets you search millions of emails across thousands of mailing lists.
One may search using keywords as well as "from:", "subject:", "extension:",
and 'list: constraints'. The GUI doesn't yet expose it, but you can
negate any search item, like "-subject:jira". The subdomains are list
constraining, so "" searches tomcat lists. The "n"
and "p" keyboard shortcuts may be used to navigate the search results.

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