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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER): Grouping of Resources

Members of the W3C Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER)
Working Group have published a new Working Draft for Protocol for
"Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER): Grouping of Resources."
POWDER facilitates the publication of descriptions of multiple resources
such as all those available from a Web site. These descriptions are
attributable to a named individual, organization or entity that may or
may not be the creator of the described resources. This contrasts with
more usual metadata that typically applies to a single resource, such as
a specific document's title, which is usually provided by its author.
The current document sets out how Description Resources (DRs) can be
created and published, whether individually or as bulk data, how to link
to DRs from other online resources, and, crucially, how DRs may be
authenticated and trusted. The aim is to provide a platform through which
opinions, claims and assertions about online resources can be expressed
by people and exchanged by machines. The draft describes how sets of
IRIs can be defined such that descriptions or other data can be applied
to the resources obtained by dereferencing IRIs that are elements of the
set. IRI sets are defined as XML elements with relatively loose
operational semantics. This is underpinned by the formal semantics of
POWDER which include a semantic extension defined in this document. A
GRDDL transform is associated with the POWDER namespace that maps the
operational to the formal semantics. Changes since the 31-October-2007
working draft are documented in the Change Log.

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