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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Atomojo Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) Server 0.7.0 Release Available

This atomojo Google Code project contains both an Atom Publishing
Protocol (APP) server and client. While both are intended to be used
together, as they implement a standard protocol, they can be used with
other APP-enable applications. The client is a Firefox plugin that
contains an XPCOM component for interacting with the Atom Publishing
Protocol (APP). Atomojo's APP implementation has been coming along
quite nicely and release 0.7.0 is quite stable. Here's a short list
of some features: full APP implementation; hierarchical feeds; XQuery
support; large binary support; full REST interfaces for administration;
integration with external authentication services; indexing of Atom
category elements; retrieval of entries and feeds via categorization;
metadata services for context and query by term and term value. The
Atomojo server provides a uniform way to store multiple feeds and
manipulate them with the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP). Feeds are
organized hierarchically and indexed by their categorization. It
provides both metadata feeds for getting context information about
feeds as well as pulling a feed for each categorization stored in the
database. The server runs on top of a engine and uses a
rest-style URI architecture for its feeds. Feed are organized
hierarchically just like a file system but they are store in an XML
database called eXist. In addition to eXist, there is a metadata
index that is stored in an embedded Derby database. This index stores
information about what feeds contain what entries as well as
information about categorization. Once the server is started, you can
get the service introspection document by a GET on the server root...

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