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Sunday, February 17, 2008

OASIS Members Submit Charter for ebXML Core (ebCore) Technical Committee

OASIS announced the submission of a draft charter for a new ebXML Core
(ebCore) Technical Committee. The ebXML Core TC is to be the maintenance
group for ebXML TC specifications as these specifications are completed
or transitioned to the ebXML Core TC. The OASIS ebXML Joint Committee
is disbanding, so ebXML Core TC will take on the roles and the work of
the ebXML JC, and in addition will do maintenance on the standards that
have been produced by the ebXML TCs: ebXML Messaging, ebXML CPPA, ebXML
ebBP, ebXML IIC, and ebXML RegRep. Companies represented by the TC
proposers include Axway Software, The Boeing Company, British
Telecommunications plc, Fujitsu Limited, and Sonnenglanz Consulting.
The ebXML Core TC will provide the means to manage clarifications,
modifications, and enhancements for the specifications that ebXML TCs
have either completed and/or turned over as work in progress for
completion through the OASIS standards process. The ebXML Core TC may
issue errata for specifications that they maintain and may complete
reviews and changes required by editor's on committee drafts received
by the TC for completion. The ebXML Core TC may form subcommittees to
provide focus for specific specification tasks as they arise. The ebXML
Core TC may lead the formation of charters for new ebXML TCs for major
new versions of specifications. The TC may also produce new conformance
profiles and adjunct documents complementing existing specifications.
The ebXML Core TC will solicit new end user requirements as well as
implementation enhancements and change requests. The TC will also
explore synergies with UN/CEFACT, WS-* specifications and SOA best
practices. The ebXML Core TC may update schemas, examples,
specifications and other products of ebXML TC activities. More Information

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