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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Google, NTT and the US GSA Deploy SAML 2.0 for Digital Identity Management

Liberty Alliance, the global identity consortium working to build a more
trusted internet for consumers, governments and businesses worldwide,
today released highlights of SAML 2.0-based digital identity management
applications that are delivering real world value to users and
organizations around the globe. These applications are among the many
public and private sector deployments helping to drive a more secure and
privacy-respecting internet identity layer across applications, sectors
and regions based on SAML 2.0 standards. With government organizations in
The Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe building and deploying SAML
2.0-based identity applications, SAML 2.0 has become the standard of
choice in the global eGovernment and public sectors. These governments
are relying on SAML 2.0 to deliver a wide variety of new online services
to citizens, help meet compliance mandates and to provide business and
trading partners with a secure and trusted platform for conducting
identity related transactions. A digital map and description of global
eGovernment deployments based on SAML 2.0 Liberty Federation is available...
Using SAML 2.0 allows Google's customers to treat web-based authentication
to Google Apps the same way they treat authentication to their other
services... NTT has developed SASSO, a personal Identity Provider that
enables users to single-sign-on to a PC and leverage the strong
authentication capabilities of the mobile phone to conduct a wide range
of secure identity-based transactions. SASSO uses the increasingly
ubiquitous mobile phone as an Identity Provider (IdP) to allow users to
access a Service Provider (SP). Once authenticated by their own mobile
phone, the IdP on the mobile phone issues a SAML assertion signed by a
private key and sends that assertion to SPs.

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