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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Validator for XML Schema: XSV Version 3.1.1

Henry S. Thompson (W3C Technical Advisory Group; HCRC Language Technology
Group, University of Edinburgh) announced the release of a vew version
of the XML Schema Validator (XSV). XSV is an open source (GPLed)
work-in-progress attempt at a conformant schema-aware processor, as
defined by XML Schema Part 1: Structures, Second Edition of
28-October-2004. The simplest way to use XSV is via a form-based
interface on the web. There is a Win32 one-click installation, and source
distributions are available for the more adventurous. All installers are
now up-to-date: Windoz executable, .deb, .rpm and source versions. The
major changes since the last public release are: (1) corner cases for
nested numeric exponents are handled correctly; (2) XSV no longer requires
PyLTXML (our fast Python/C XML parser), will run without it, provided
you have PyXML installed. XSV can be run with various flags to control
the kind and level of validation. If you enter more than one URI, the
second etc. will be used to schema-validate the document at the first
URI. "Show Warnings" will display warning messages, e.g. about use of
wildcards "Keep Going" enables continuation of schema-validation after
finding errors. Check as complete schema: Normally XSV interprets its
first input as a document to be validated, and the remaining inputs,
if any, as schema documents for use in that validation. This means that
if the only input is a schema document, XSV normally just validates that
document against the Schema for Schema Documents (XMLSchema.xsd), but
does not also check the Schema REC's constraints on the corresponding
schema. Ticking the "Check as complete schema" box causes XSV to treat
all its inputs as schema documents, check them against the Schema for
Schema Documents and check the Schema REC's constraints on the
corresponding schema.

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