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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rogue Wave Accelerates SOA Data Services Creation in C++

Rogue Wave has announced the release of Rogue Wave HydraSDO for XML 2.2
and the next edition of HydraSDO for Databases. Rogue Wave HydraSDO
data components automate the creation of high-performance,
service-oriented data services in Java and C++. The components enable
developers to expose any data source as lightweight, independent, and
decentralized data services through the Service Data Object (SDO) API,
the industry standard data access in SOA. Rogue Wave HydraSDO for
XML 2.2 enables XML documents to be read and updated using the SDO API.
HydraSDO for XML provides a data access service (DAS) for parsing XML
data and populating a DataGraph consisting of DataObjects and a Change
Summary. HydraSDO for Databases enables developers to use the SDO API
to access relational data in both loosely coupled and traditional
tightly coupled application architectures. The component provides
read/write capability for relational databases using the SDO API without
the need to write SQL statements. HydraSDO for Databases includes support
for leading databases including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Sybase
databases. Both XML and relational database data sources are made
available through the simple XML-style SDO interface, which can be used
by multiple applications as a real-time SOA data service. HydraSDO data
components work stand-alone or can be seamlessly integrated with Rogue
Wave HydraSCA, the first product available for deploying high-performance
SOA applications based on the Service Component Architecture (SCA)

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