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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

W3C Offices Program Celebrates Ten Years of International Outreach

W3C announced that representatives from W3C Offices -- regional branches
that promote W3C and interact with participants in local languages --
now celebrate ten years of the Offices program. Offices currently
represent seventeen (17) regions around the globe, helping to organize
meetings, recruit Members, translate materials, and find creative ways
to encourage international participation in W3C work. Offices staff
gather for a face-to-face meeting in Sophia-Antipolis France to review
ten years of experience and to forge improvements to the program. At
this occasion, W3C thanks the Offices staff past and present for all
of their work. W3C Offices are located in Australia, Brazil, Benelux,
China, Finland, Germany & Austria, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel,
Italy, Korea, Morocco, Southern Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
and Ireland

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